Costs To Consider When Allocating Budget For Your Website

Setting up a budget has always been an important thing in business ventures and websites/apps are no exceptions. Planning your web-app cost ahead helps you save money and time because then you can easily decide what server type would be the best for you and what important features you would like to cover in the first version.

There are three main costs –

  1. Domain Cost
  2. Web-hosting Cost
  3. Web-development Cost

Domain Cost

You can register a good top-level domain in a few dollars. The premium domain names might cost from thousands to millions of dollar but a good unique name for your new website will not cost much. For instance: A new .COM costs between 10USD to 15USD.

Web-hosting Cost

Second is your web-hosting cost which generally starts from 2-3USD a month and goes up to 100USD per month. The cost increases when you subscribe more powerful option such as a managed server, VPS or dedicated server because they are more powerful and can handle huge traffic.

To find out the perfect web-hosting for your website first think of how many visitors you are expecting in the first month and what features you are planning to put in your website.

For instance: A WordPress site with a million visitors a month would cost near about 25USD a month in hosting. Whereas a WordPress website with 25 thousand monthly visitors would cost about 8USD a month.

Take a look over to all hosting products and buy the one that suits to your budget.

Web-development Cost

You can either design your website yourself or hire a web developer.

Now designing own website is extremely easy at especially if you are planning to start a blog, personal website, business website or some eCommerce store online to sell your products:

  1. Use Website Builder for Personal/Business website or
  2. WordPress to start a Dynamic Website or Blog
  3. Quick Shopping Cart to start selling online or
  4. Use WooCommerce To Start Your Online Store In 3 Easy Steps
  5. For other types of websites read How To Use Installatron; One Click Website Installer? makes it easier for everyone to start an awesome website without any technical expertise.

But if you are planning to build something unique that needs a lot of coding then you can subscribe necessary programming power from on per hour per terminal basis to bring your dream project online.

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