Save Advertising Costs By Starting Your Own Website

A website is less expensive and more powerful than traditional & online advertising. If you own a website, you can reach out to anyone around the earth with in no time. 

Your visitors are already interested in your products. 

The visitors landing on your website are already interested in your product because they have found it through some search engine result, social media  post or from your visiting card etc.

Businesses spend a good amount of money on traditional advertising and now-a-days even individuals, small businesses and organisations are paying thousands of dollars over online advertising.

But you should know that you can easily get more clients to your existing business simply by starting a blogging website and posting news-articles etc about your products on regular basis. A website has power to expose you to a larger number of potential customers and win target audience.

How it works?

When you publish a new post and share it on social media websites, the search engine and bookmarking website spiders get to know about your content. They start to crawl your website and fetch content links to share them with their users.

Search Engines automatically shares your product with target customers

Yes. To get visible on search engine results page (SERP), what all you have to do is write good unique and useful content, don’t just copy paste anything from other websites.

In-case if you are taking any piece of information from any other website then don’t forget to reference it or you can make it your by thoroughly editing it and adding your own values to it.

Social media drives more web traffic towards your domain (web address)

And more people get to know about who you are and what you offer. Everybody knows how Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus works but there are more websites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit which can give you huge amount of traffic. It entirely depends on the quality of your content.

Writing blog is a guaranteed way to promote products and build online network 

It builds your trust online and gives you the power to make sure netizens get accurate and explicit information about your products whenever they searches them online.

Automatic pinging gives you more coverage

There are various ping services that presents your content to users browsing websites like Technorati etc, they get to know about your most recent posts and updates on your website. If you are running your website/blog over WordPress then you can automatically update ping services.

How to start a blog/website?

System at has made it easy for every individual, business and company to start dream website with in a few mintutes at very competitive rates.

There are three simplest ways of starting your own website:

  1. Register a free domain with website hosting plan and use’s one click application installer to start your dream website OR
  2. Simply e-mail to to get your fully managed website made within your own budget OR
  3. Go for manged WordPress to start your website in minutes and get free from worries of setup, backups and security etc.

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