Show Any WordPress Post Content Via Shortcode

In this lesson you will learn about using any post’s content inside any other post, page or custom post type with the help of shortcode in your WordPress site.

Many times bloggers create some intro text about anything and use it multiple times while composing other articles in WordPress.

For instance: If you write articles about WordPress plugins then in that case you must have published a general article about installing plugins in WordPress.

Now every time while writing tutorial on some new WordPress plugin you can use post content of article say “How to install a plugin in WordPress” with inside the content of your new plugin’s tutorial in order to show first basic steps of installing a plugin. 

Get Post Content Shortcode is very useful WordPress plugin that allows you to show any post content via shortcode inside your WordPress posts, pages, custom post types and other shortcode supported areas of your website.

Start by installing ‘Get Post Content Shortcode’ plugin in WordPress

Once the plugin is activated, use [post-content id=”42″] shortcode replacing 42 with the ID of the post you want to display. The plugin provides you various shortcode parameters, you can learn more about them here.

Don’t know how to find content IDs? We have already posted a lesson on finding and using content IDs in WordPress.

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