How To Display Jetpack Subscription Box After WordPress Post Content ?

You might have noticed on various popular websites showing their email subscription box at the end of their blog post’s content. Jetpack by WordPress.Com plugin provides you an email superscription widget but by default there are no options to display it else where. This tutorial explains you how you can easily display Jetpack Subscriptions box after your blog posts.

Step-1 So first of all you will be needing to install and activate a plugin that allows you to insert shortcode after your blog posts. Here we will be using the popular WordPress plugin called In-Post Template, yes it hasn’t been updated in over 2 years but still works really nice. I have checked it in latest WordPress 3.6 BETA release and it works. In-Post Template plugin lets you display Shortcode of plugins, banners, adsense and custom HTML text before, after & inbetween your content. Install and activate it.

Step-2  Now second step is to install and activate an addon plugin for Jetpack called Jetpack Subscriptions shortcode. the plugin will extend the Jetpack plugin to allow subscription box display via [jpsub] shortcode.

Step-3 Third step is to visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> In-Post Template and paste the shortcode [jpsub]. You can display it before post, after the post, in between the post after more tag. That’s all. You are done.

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