Show/Hide Any Portion Of Post Content Based On Usernames, User Roles, Capabilities Or Logged-in Status In WordPress

You can show or hide any portion of your post content on the basis of usernames, user roles, capabilities, custom groups, or logged-in status on your WordPress site.

Earlier we have discussed about creating hidden premium content in WordPress. We have also discussed about hiding certain post sections by date and time.

Now in this lesson you will learn about hiding content sections simply by enclosing it inside shortcodes provided by Eyes Only: User Access Shortcode plugin. 

Start by installing ‘Eyes Only: User Access Shortcode’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation you can use the shortcode generator for inserting shortcodes inside your posts, pages, post types and widgets etc.

Eyes Only 1

Visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Eyes Only admin page and choose your options. Now visit your admin area dashboard Posts -> Add New screen or open any old post, page or post type to edit.

Eyes Only 1-2

Make sure you are switched to ‘Visual’ mode and you will be noticing the plugin has added a new TinyMCE button that allows you to generate shortcode to hide any section of content.

Eyes Only 2

Clicking that TinyMCE button opens up a popup box where you can genrate an insert shortcode to hide content by usernames, user roles, capabilities, custom groups, or logged-in status in your website.

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