Schedule Part Of Post Content To Publish Or Expire In WordPress

Schedule Part Of Post Content To Publish Or Expire In WordPressThere are many plugins that allows you to extend native WordPress post scheduling functionality.

You can easily schedule any post using ‘Publish’ metabox present on post edit screen. All you have to do is click edit link on ‘Publish immediately‘ text and select the date-time when you want your post to be published. Earlier we have discussed about the plugin that allows you to expire posts after specified date and time in WordPress.

Now today in this lesson we will show you how to expire partial post content in your WordPress site.

Suppose you just want to drop a section of your article (on post, page or custom post type) after a defined time. In such case, you can make use of Scheduled Content plugin.

The plugin  enables you to schedule portions of a post or page and/or set an expiry date for that content.

Start by installing ‘Scheduled Content’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, you may start using the shortcode [schedule] with up to 4 parameters: date & time to show the content and date & time when the content will expire and disappear from your webpage.

To use the shortcode: You will have to pass at least one parameter from the scheduled or expired.

For instance:

[schedule on=’2014-12-01′ at=”10:01″ expon=’2014-12-01′ expat=”13:15″] the content you want to hide here [/schedule]

Time is compared with your website’s time zone settings, if you set your time zone to local time zone it would be easy for you. Website’s time zone is set from your admin area dashboard Settings -> General under “Time Zone” section.

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