Top 5 Plugins To Break WordPress Post Content In Tabs

Enclosing WordPress post content inside responsive tabbed sections is a convenient way of displaying long blog posts. Using a tabbed layout you can easily break up your articles information and show them a small space keeping your advertisements display all the time. In this tutorial we are listing some of the best tabs plugins designed for WordPress posts and post types.

WordPress Post Tabs

Post UI Tabs

Tabby Responsive Tabs

Tabby enables you to create responsive tabs inside your posts, pages or custom post types by adding simple shortcodes inside the post editor. The tabs

Tabs Shortcode

Lets you add tabs to your post and pages using a shortcode.


Shortcode tab navigation.


Tab your content with shortcodes.

Easy Responsive Tabs

Easy Responsive Tabs enable you to add responsive bootstrap 3.0 tabs in your pages, post and custom post in simplest manner.

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