Easily Pull Your Facebook Group Feed In WordPress

You can now pull your Facebook group feed to your WordPress site. Facebook Group to WordPress is a WordPress plugin that allows you to imports posts from public Facebook groups to your WordPress blog, every half hour. 

Facebook Group to WordPress 3

What this plugin does?
  • Imports from Facebook group and inserts as fb_group_post post type
  • No chance for duplication
  • It imports comments as well
  • Runs every half hour via WordPress cron system
  • Adds group id, author name and ID, post link as post meta
  • If you want to trigger the importing manually, go to http://example.com/?fb2wp_test
  • Import historical (paginated) posts. To do this, go to http://example.com/?fb2wp_hist and it’ll automatically start the import process. Only admins can run this task.
Start by installing ‘Facebook Group to WordPress’ plugin in WordPress

Facebook Group to WordPress 1

Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard FB Group Posts -> Settings, setup Facebook App settings and paste your Facebook group ID.

Facebook Group to WordPress 2

The page also provides you option to set default post status, default comment status and list per query.

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