Now Jetpack Users Can Automatically Publish Their WordPress Posts To Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Tumblr

Jetpack 2.0 update includes new features. Now you can post your site content to popular social sharing websites: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo and Tumblr. You can publish your new blog posts direct from email using new Post by Email feature etc.

For using following features please make sure that you have Jetpack-2.0 installed on your WordPress site:

How To Automatically Post WordPress Content To Major Social Networks ?

With new Jetpack Publicize feature you can post your new blog posts to most popular social networking sites (as already said above):

  1. Visit Dashboard -> Jetpack -> Jetpack (Main) and activate Publicize feature.
  2. Visit Dashboard -> Settings -> Sharing and from the Publicize section
  3. Connect your social accounts.

While making new blog posts or for certain specific blog posts you can manually add a custom message or remove one of the site where you don’t want your post to get publish on auto. Read full documentation here.

How To Publish A WordPress Post From Email Address ?

  1. Visit Dashboard -> Jetpack -> Jetpack (Main) and activate Post by Email feature
  2. Now you have to generate an email address. Visit Dashboard -> Users -> Your Profile.
  3. Scroll down to “Post by Email” section and Click the “Enable Post by Email” button.

You will get a special email address for making blog posts. For layout and mail formatting documentation visit here.

Photon – An Image Acceleration & Editing Service

Another newly added feature to Jetpack 2.0 is Photon. It is an image acceleration and editing service for sites hosted on After you activate it from your Dashboard’s Jetpack Main Page, your images will be served dynamically from the global cloud which means less load on your host and faster images for your readers.

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