How To Change Default Location Of Jetpack Social Sharing Buttons In WordPress ?

Jetpack provides feature of displaying social sharing buttons in Posts and Pages but its location is limited to below content which means you can only show the sharing buttons after the post content. In this tutorial we’ll be discussing how you can change the default location of Jetpack’s social sharing buttons.

Jetpack Extras by BarryCarlyon is a free WordPress plugin by BarryCarlyon. Using this plugin you can very easily change the location of Jetpack social sharing buttons, you can display them:

  1. After Content
  2. Before Content
  3. Both Before and After Content
Jetpack Social Sharing Extra

After you install and activate it, it automatically adds one more section on Dashboard -> Settings -> Sharing page, scroll down to the bottom and you will find the options for:

  1. Button Placement (on Front Page, Archive Pages, and Search Results)
  2. Button Placement (on Posts)
  3. Button Placement (on Pages)
  4. Button Placement (on Media)
  5. Button Placement (on Questions)
  6.  . This renders a preview under the tweet when viewed on
  7. Via Account for Twitter
  8. Related Twitter Handle and Optional Description

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