Automatically Post Your Blog And Other RSS Feeds To Twitter, Facebook And LinkedIN

TwitterFeed is a free online service, using it you can post your blog or any other RSS feeds to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIN automatically. Once you setup the auto posting then your new blog posts will automatically get published in these social networks. It also provides you the option to add prefix and suffix so if you have many categories in your blog then you can add each category feed with its hashtag as suffix. If you have an additional Twitter account for your blog then you may add RT@yourblog name for making retweets of your blog posts and promoting both Twitter accounts at the same time.

Follow the given steps and configure auto posting to popular social networks on world wide web:

Step-1 Visit TwitterFeed.Com. Click SignUp button, following form will appear on your screen. Fill in the details and click Create Account.

 Step-2 Name a name to your feed and add its URL. Second section is of advanced settings which is optional:

Step-3 Clicking advanced settings button shows the following hidden portion where you can set the update frequency and number of feeds to post at one time. You can also choose the URL shortner, content to post: link, content or both with link. You can add suffix and prefix like Hashtags (For twitter) etc if you like:

Step-4 Now select where you want to post your feed: on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIN. You can add as many accounts you like. For example if you have two Twitter account, one is your personal and other if for your website then you can add both and also RT@Username for retweeting one of your accounts by other so that both of your accounts get promoted at the same time:

Step- 5 In this tutorial we’ll be adding Twitter account. click on Twitter and it will your authorize your account using OAuth. Click All Done:

Step-6 Click Go to Dashboard button:

Step-7 That’s all. You feed will get posted automatically or you can click Check now button and see how it works:

That’s all. Form Dashboard you can add as many feeds you like to your different-different accounts. Enjoy!

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