How To Display WordPress Custom Post Types And Taxonomies Using Sidebar Widget ?

Now you know how to create custom post types and custom taxonomies in WordPress, here comes another problem of displaying custom post types and taxonomies on sidebar or any other widget area so that your visitors can easily know about them.

How To Display Custom Post Types Using Sidebar Widget ?

Simply install and activate Custom Post Display plugin and add its widget to your site’s widget area. The widget provides you following options:

  1. You Can Display Featured Image
  2. You Can Order Posts by Post Title, Date and Menu
  3. You Can Customize Number Of Posts To Be Displayed
  4. You Can Specify The Number Of Characters For Excerpts
Screenshot showing custom post type widget options:
custom post type wordpress widget 1
Screenshot showing custom posts on WordPress front-end:
custom post type wordpress widget 2

How To Display Custom Taxonomies Using Sidebar Widget ?

For displaying custom taxonomies you may choose from the following two plugins:

  1. Taxonomy Widget:- This plugin adds widgets for any of your public taxonomy. You cab display terms as an ordered list, unordered list, term cloud or dropdown menu.
  2. Custom Taxonomies Menu Widget:- Highly customisable widget plugin that creates a simple menu of your site’s custom taxonomies and the terms associated with them.

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