Find Your Most Popular Posts On The Basis Of Social Media Sharing Statistics In WordPress

There is a total number sharing count for each shared URL of your website, likewise you can see Facebook Likes, Twitter Tweets, +1s and other counts displayed on social sharing buttons on different websites. Social Statistics By Plugins Talk is new WordPress plugin that tracks all social media sharings done by you and your visitors of your blog posts and then it shows you the statistics of your most popular posts.

Install and activate Social Statistics By Plugins Talk then visit your admin area Dashboard -> Plugins Talk -> Social Statistics, here you will be seeing a table showing your popular posts and their sharings done on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.

Social Statistics

For each of your blog post the plugins shows (you can sort it in ASC/DESC order) :

  • Post’s Id
  • Post’s Title (with its hyperlink)
  • Facebook Likes (count)
  • Facebook Shares (count)
  • Facebook Comments (count)
  • Twitter Tweets (count)
  • Pinterest pins (count)
  • LinkedIn Shares (count)

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