Autopost Any Blog Feed To Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Tumblr And Status.Net

Dlvr.It is a online service that allows you to auto post your blog feed to popular social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Tumblr And Status.Net. Doesn’t matter where your blog is, no need to install any extension-plugin in your website, all you can do online.

Dlvr.It also provides you the stats showing followers, clicks, post, audience and even geographical locations. All you need to follow few simple steps given here:

Step-1 Visit Dlvr.It, Type your email address and a password for your Dlvr.It account and click Sign Up button.

Step-2 Add your blog feed URL and choose a social destination to post, click next button.

Step-3 Add more social destinations, use more features like stats, making posts, widgets etc from Dashboard.

Step-4(optional) Click Stats button and know your social sharing stats: clicks, audience, popular posts, geographical locations on map and more:

Step-5 (optional) Click Widgets for creating a widget showing most clicked posts and number of followers etc to display on your site. You can highly customize your widget its width, height colors etc.

These were basic and free auto posting features it offers, learn more about its features and plans here.

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