Easily Download Backup Of All Or Selected WordPress Plugins Right From Your Dashboard

Sometimes it happen that you update any plugin and its latest version doesn’t work at all, creates some error or you find previous version better than the new one. Well in this case you cannot do anything if you haven’t kept a backup of your plugins. Backing up all plugin manually takes time and a very few people really cares to backup plugins before running an update because it takes time and clicks.

But now you have one easy method of backing up all or selected WordPress plugins right from your dashboard. Follow the given steps:

Step-1 Install and activate Plugin Grabber

Step-2 Visit Dashboard -> Plugins -> Plugin Grabber, Select the plugin for backup from the drop down menu Or you can backup all your plugin’s directory by selecting ‘All Plugins’ option from the drop down list. Click the button Backup Plugin(s)

Plugin Grabber 2

Step-3 Wait for seconds then download the plugin’s zip file by clicking the light green color Download Plugin Backup button.

Plugin Grabber 3

After downloading your backup to your system you can delete the backup from your site by clicking the pink color Delete Backup Button. Now you can update your plugins without having a worry to loose their useful features in future.

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