New Buddypress Message Spam Blocker Module

Inside you BuddyPress site network, if any member or may be abot that signed up can start to send messages to each and every other member. By default there are no restrictions. Buddypress Messages Spam Blocker provides you a module for blocking spam and overcome these kinds of negative experiences.

Buddypress Messages Spam Blocker activates some restrictions to your BuddyPress community members:

  • New users can send messages only 24h after their registration, so you’ll have time if bot registrations have to be removed manually
  • Their are restrictions for mass mailings (mails that are sent to “friends” of the contact list are not included in this calculation): ** Users can send 6 messages maximum in 5 minutes ** Users can send 10 messages maximum in 10 minutes ** Users can send 20 messages maximum in 30 minutes ** Users can send 30 messages maximum in 60 minutes ** Users can send 35 messages maximum in 12 hours ** Users can send 45 messages maximum in 24 hours ** Users can send 50 messages maximum in 48 hours

Simply install and activate the plugin and it automatically starts working.

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