How To Allow Your BuddyPress Site Members To Invite Their Friends To Register ?

Make your BuddyPress invitation feature more powerful and engaging by adding ability to invite members to your site by email, first of all install and active Invite Anyone plugin and then follow these steps:

It automatically creates a tab on each member’s Profile page called “Send Invites”, which contains a form where users can invite outsiders to join the site.

For customizing your BuddyPress Invitation settings visit Dashboard->BuddyPress->Invite Anyone. You can edit various settings (given below) from plugin’s option page:

  1. Text of email invitation subject line
  2. Main text of email invitation message
  3. Footer text of email invitation message
  4. Allow users to customize invitation
  5. Number of email invitations users are permitted to send at a time
  6. Allow users to send group invitations along with email invitations
  7. Allow email invitations to be accepted even when site registration is disabled
It also provides you an Invite Anyone Widget which you can drag and drop to sidebar. Using this widget you site members can send email invitations to their friends directly from sidebar.


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