Enable Profile Blocking Feature In Your BuddyPress Network

Just like Facebook and Twitter you can bring the profile block feature in your BuddyPress site too. This way you can allow your BuddyPress users to block other members from contacting them or viewing their profile. 

BP | You are blocked is a BuddyPress plugin which activates profile blocking function in one easy click.

Start by installing ‘BP | You are blocked’ plugin in your BuddyPress site

Upon activation make sure the BP “Account Settings” Component must is enabled on your BuddyPress settings page.

As shown in the given screenshot, the plugin adds its block profile button:

BP You are blocked 1 2

Registered users on your website can now block users they don’t want to stay in connection and hide all their data and personal information.

BP You are blocked 1

A user can manage blocking list by visiting his profile settings page.

Blocked members are prevented from:

  • Viewing your profile
  • Send you messages or continue existing conversations
  • Mentioning you using @yourname
  • Add you as a friend
  • See your activities

And you will be prevented from:

  • Viewing their profile
  • See them in any member list
  • Send them messages or continue existing conversations
  • Add them as a friend
  • Seeing their activities

The plugin has certain limitations and for some website owners these limitations work as advantages (it depends). Since BuddyPress groups have their own blocking mechanism so there are no blocking done in groups by this plugin.

Another thing is plugin only works for BuddyPress. It only filters BuddyPress features and pages and WordPress related actions such as creating a new post or commenting etc are not blocked.

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