Top 25 New Social Media Icons For WordPress Based Websites

New Top 25 Social Icons provides you easy and customizable feature for displaying social icons that links to various social profiles of yours. Using this new plugin you can select what profiles to link to, you customize the color and size of your tooltips, manage the size of the icons with popular Social Networks. Its admin setting page allows you to manage the color of the tooltip and image size as well.

Top 25 Social Icons provides you options for Tooltips. Visit admin menu Top 25 Social Icons, enable or disable the Tooltips on Social Icons, Select the Multiple colors of tooltips, Enter the image Size as well. Its main features are:

  • Allows you to enable or Disable Tooltips on Social Icons
  • ToolTips on Social Icons
  • You can manage the Size of the Social Icons
  • You can change the color of the tooltips
  • Enables you to manually Change the Order of the Social Icons
  • Provides you most Popular Social Networks
  • Provides you easily Customizable and managable code.

How To Use Top 25 Social? Media Icons?

Install and activate Top 25 Social Icons plugin then follow the steps:

  1. Upon activation you may add its widget in your sidebar
  2. Enter the Widget Title, Social Profile URL you want to display
  3. Click setting link to mange social icons styles etc. (By default Social Icons Size is 32px)

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