How To Check Your Content Uniqueness Before Publishing It In Your WordPress Site ?

Copyscape has launched its new premium plugin that allows you to check your blog post and other content uniqueness by searching it on web for duplicate content. The plugin uses Copyscape Premium API for checking the duplicate content on the web so you should have a premium copyscape account to use this plugin in your WordPress install.

Install and activate Copyscape Premium plugin. After activation the plugin adds ”Copyscape Check’ button to your WordPress interface, which allows you to check your posts before publishing.

You can also set it to automatically check your posts when you click ‘Publish’ or ‘Update’ button in post admin area. Incase the plugin tracks duplicate content it generates a report showing matching pages. You may also see a detailed comparison that highlights your content on the found webpages

If you do not already have a Copyscape Premium account then sign uppurchase some credits, and enable your API access and start using the plugin the way you want.

And If You Don’t Want To Buy Premium Features Of Copyscape Then:

And if you don’t want to buy the premium version of this plugin then publish your post as it is and then check its duplications using the Copyscape’s free feature here.

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