How To Set A Price For Publishing Posts In WordPress?

You can set a price for users (by their roles) to pay for publishing any post or post type on your WordPress website.

Pay To Post is the new WordPress plugin that enables site administrators to set a price to publish any post on their WordPress website. The price is taken on per post basis and different prices can be set for different user roles.

You may charge for any post or custom post type. The plugin includes various shortcodes on its admin page which can be used for displaying front end forms.

Payment for each post published is deducted from the user’s local account on website. And credits can easily be added to any local account via PayPal.

Main Features:

  • Charge for the publication of any post type.
  • Different charges can be applied to different user roles.
  • Users can add credit to their local account using PayPal.
  • Charges can be applied to both built-in and custom post types.
  • A shortcode can be used to offer this functionality on front-end forms and pages.

How To Setup ‘Pay To Post’ Plugin In WordPress?

Start by installing ‘Pay To Post‘ plugin in your WordPress website. Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Pay To Post. On this page you can set payment amounts and configure payment rules.

Now each of the following shortcodes must be placed on its own page which you can create from Pages -> Add New screen.

  • [ptp_payment-form]
  • [ptp_confirmatin_form]
  • [ptp_transaction_display]
  • [ptp_cancellation_display]

All you got to do is paste the shortcode and then select its page from this plugin’s admin page.

Next step is to add your PayPal account details into which users payments will be made on your WordPress website.

Now time to add payment rules, on this plugin’s admin page click ‘Add New Payment Rule’ and set the price for post/post type by selecting a user role and entering cost.

How It Tells Users That They Will Be Charged For Posts?

The plugin displays a message informing your users that they will be charged for publishing posts on your website.

Users with enough credit in their local account will be displayed the cost of posting along with their current balance. And the users with insufficient credit will be displayed a link to the payment page.

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