New User Friendly Way To Postpone Post Publishing In WordPress

WordPress already provides you built-in functionality to schedule any post, page or post type for future publishing. But in this lesson we will show you a more easy and user-friendly way of postponing posts in your WordPress site.

Postpone is the new WordPress plugin that provides you a dropdown box which lets you to easily select when you want to publish a post or a page.

You can postpone a post/page by: 1 hour, Tomorrow 8 am, Tomorrow after lunch, Tonight, Next Monday or Next month.

Start by installing ‘Postpone’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard and in ‘Publish’ metabox click ‘Edit’ link present next to ‘Publish immediately’ text.


Now use the new dropdown option to select post pone time, then click ‘OK’ and publish your post. Once, ‘Publish’ button is clicked the post will get scheduled for publishing on time your have specified using this plugin.

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