How To Bulk Schedule WordPress Drafts For Publishing?

Have you ever ended up writing a number of drafts or imported a bunch of drafts from other website or may be you have written various sequence wise tutorials and now you want to publish them. Default WordPress draft publishing feature is good for publishing a few drafts but when you have a long list of WordPress posts with draft status then manual publishing takes a lot of time even with the Quick Edit option. WordPress Draft Scheduler is a good solution in such cases, this WordPress plugin enables you to schedule all your WordPress drafts in bulk for future publishing with time interval defined by you.

How To Use WordPress Draft Scheduler?

Install and activate Draft Scheduler plugin. After activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Posts -> Draft Scheduler page and select a schedule start date.

How To Bulk Schedule WordPress Drafts For Publishing?  1

The plugin gives you two choices, either you can define a sequence for publishing your drafts or use a random posting schedule and surprise yourself.

Select posting order, there are two option:

  • Either you can set it to randomly grab any draft in any order
  • OR schedule drafts in a sequence from old to new order

Now type a post publishing interval time in hours and minutes OR you can select the next radio button for random post publishing. Random publishing option publishes your drafts entirely random after the date which you have set in the first step.

How To Bulk Schedule WordPress Drafts For Publishing?  2

But here also you can set the options for:

  • Posting x number of posts per day/week/month OR Post x number of posts per day
  • Start random publishing after x time and before y time.

When you’re done with the settings click ‘Schedule Drafts‘ button and this WordPress Draft Scheduler will schedule all your drafts to be posted based on time settings defined by you.

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