Easily Enable Guest Posting Feature For Unregistered WordPress Users In One Minute

Earlier we have discussed about building an account based guest posting system with WordPress. But that’s off course not for everybody. This tutorial is for the website owners who simply want to generate a for for accepting guest posts without allows any kind of new account creation. The plugin works out of box and is one of the easiest guest posting plugin for WordPress.

To start first install and activate Really Simple Guest Post Plugin in your WordPress site. upon activation visit Dashboard -> Pages -> Add New, create a page and paste the following shortcode:

[mag-simple-guest-post redirect="url" author="username"]

Remember to replace: url= put your selected page/post url to redirect the user after submitting the guest post & Author= confirm your selected author username which will be used at the time of publishing the post). The form is automatically generated by this shortcode and it uses your theme’s default CSS.

Guest Posting Form for Unregistered Users

Now, what happens is the visitor opens up your this new guest posting form page and submits the guest post and gets automatically redirected to a custom URL defined by you.

On the other side, the submitted post appears in Dashboard -> Posts -> All Posts list with ‘Pending‘ status. Now what all you have to do is open up the post for editing, review it and then click the ‘Publish‘ button and that’s it.

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