How To Embed Meme Inside Your WordPress Blog Posts & Pages ?

MemePress is the new WordPress plugin that allows you to embed Meme in a quick and very easy way inside your WordPress blog posts and pages. Simply install and activate it, upon activation you can start embedding Meme using its simple shortcode with parameters you like.

See the following examples:

Example: [meme meme=”awe_yea”]

Example: [meme meme=”aww_yeah”]

Example: [meme meme=”big_smile_low”]

Example: [meme meme=”black_pfft”]

Example: [meme meme=”blonde_forever_alone”]

Example: [meme meme=”blonde_fuck_yeah”]

Example: [meme meme=”blushing”]

Example: [meme meme=”broken_heart”]

Example: [meme meme=”cereal_guy”]

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