New Metro Style Buttons With A Beautiful & Catchy Look For WordPress Blog Posts, Pages And Widgets

After metro style post sharer buttons now WordPress has a new metro style button plugin called Metro Buttons which can be used inside your WordPress blog posts, pages and text widgets.

Simply install and activate Metro Buttons plugin, after activation visit your can start inserting new metro style buttons with custom links using the [button] shortcode as shows below.

Following shortcode shows a metro style button with text “Visit Sangkrit.Net” that links to “”

Input Screenshot:

Metro Style Button

Output of Shortcode:

Metro Style Button 2

You can use following parameters inside your shortcode:

  • link = ””
  • size= “medium”
  • color=”teal”
  • type=”square”
  • align=”none”
  • target=”‘_self”
  • title= ””

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