How To Include Widgets Inside WordPress Posts & Pages Via Shortcode ?

You can easily show up selected widgets inside your WordPress blog posts and pages by using simple shortcodes. amr shortcode any widget is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to include any widgets inside your post content via shortcode.




Installation & Usage:

  1. Install and activate amr shortcode any widget
  2. Visit Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets and find “shortcode” sidebar
  3. Drag chosen widgets from configured sidebar to shortcodes sidebar. Save.
  4. Visit page where you want configured widget to appear
  5. enter one of: [do_widget widgetname] eg: [do_widget calendar] [do_widget “widget name”]. eg: [do_widget “tag cloud”] [do_widget id=widgetid] in a page or post
  6. If the plugin cannot work out what you want, it will show a debug prompt , click on the debug prompt and look for the id of your widget in the shortcodes sidebar (you may have to scroll through a lot of debug nfo). Try with the id. Sometimes the widget name that wordpress calls it internally is not the same as what you see on the screen and you will need the ‘debug’ to find the id.

For more information of this plugin visit its Page here or its website here.

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