How To Divide Your WordPress Pages & Posts In Various Dropdown Sections ?

You can divide a post or page of your WordPress site into various dropdown sections. Section Page is a simple lightweight WordPress plugin that lets you to insert dropdown sections inside your pages and posts.

Install and activate Section Page. After activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> Section Page and choose your options like you can select HTML heading tag and classes for sections, your can select a char before section title, a char when section is closed and a char when section is open.

How To Insert Sections ?

The plugin adds a dropdown section button in WordPress tinymce editor present in add new & edit post admin are pages. You can simply select your block of text and click the button to wrap the text into a section shortcode:

[section=Title of my section]
Your content

It will be get replaced by a dropdown section based on settings you have saved in its options page.

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