How To Display Custom Alert Messages Inside Your WordPress Posts, Widgets And Other Content Types ?

You can very easily create and display alert inside your WordPress blog posts, pages and even widgets. Easy Alert Shortcode allows you to do so in a very easy way, using this plugin you can turn any text inside your content to an alert simply by enclosing it in the [alert] shortcode, also you can use different colors in your alert messages.

Install and activate Easy Alert Shortcode. After activation you can start using its shortcode with color parameters inside your blog post and other content types as shown below:

A simple alert message:

[alert style="red"] Your Text Here [/alert]

Style: It is the color of your alert. You can use 6 different colors: whiteredyellowgreen,grey and blue


[alert style="white"] ... [/alert]
[alert style="red"] ... [/alert]
[alert style="yellow"] ... [/alert]
[alert style="green"] ... [/alert]
[alert style="grey"] ... [/alert]
[alert style="blue"] ... [/alert]

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