How To Create Pricing Tables In Your WordPress Site ?

Generate pricing tables in your WordPress posts and pages in the easitest and dynamic way. Pricing Table is a WordPress plugin for generating price tables. Using this plugin WordPress site admins can easily publish pricing tables inside posts and pages. It provides most features that anyone needs while generating pricing tables. You can build a pricing or features table for products and services and much more.

Use simple short-code [ahm-pricing-table id=999 template=template_name] (999=use any table id here and replace template with valid template name “green” or “gray” ) inside page or post content to embed pricing table.

Pricing Table Plugin Features:

  • Featured Column option highlight best price package
  • Re-ordering by drag and drop package( for column)
  • Re-ordering by Drag and drop feature(for row
  • 2 diff table templates “green” and “gray”
  • Supports unlimited package(column)
  • Translation ready plugin
WordPress Pricing Tables Plugin
Pricing Table
WordPress Pricing Table Admin Area
Pricing Table Admin Area
WordPress Pricing Table Embed Code
Pricing Table Embed Code
WordPress Pricing Table Second Template
Pricing Table Template 2

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