How To Create Responsive Pricing Tables In WordPress Website?

Responsive Pricing Tables offers you a new elegant way of showing premium plans pricing table of your service or product on your website. In this lesson you will learn how easy it is to create and display pricing tables in WordPress.

First thing you will need to do is install and activate Responsive Pricing Table plugin on your WordPress website. Once activated, the plugin adds a new menu “+Pricing Tables” on your WordPress admin area dashboard.

Using Responsive Pricing Tables

Navigate to +Pricing Tables -> Add New screen and enter a title for your new pricing tables set, this title is displayed nowhere so no need to waste your time in finding a good name.

Creating your first plan

Next step is to create your Plan 1 which works as first display on your pricing tables set. Use text fields given to enter title, subtitle, description to your Plan 1. Recurrence field displays the renewal cost, good if you are selling subscriptions on any service that requires a monthly or annual renewal.

Next is Price field which displays the real price of your product. Feature box is a text area where you can type your product features, one feature in each line.

And Finally, add Button text with Link. You can set this button to redirect your users to product purchase page on your online store or to a premium subscription form or you may use a custom button such as PayPal, Stripe etc by pasting their button code on custom button code box.

Adding more plans

That’s all with Plan 1, now you may click ‘Add Another Plan’ button visible on the bottom of the page to include more plans. You can display up to 5 Plans in one pricing table, it is up to you. There are no limitations but displaying more than one plan in one pricing table might cause some display issues.

Displaying Pricing Tables

When you are done creating your pricing table, click the publish button, then visit +Pricing Tables -> All Pricing Tables page and copy the shortcode of the table you just created. You can use this shortcode on any post, page, custom post type etc to display your pricing tables.

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