12 Great Pinterest Plugins. Each Add Pinterest In A Different Way To Your WordPress Site

After Facebook share, Tweet and +1 Pinterst has also become very important for sharing because it drives much traffic to your website. There are many Pinterest plugins and hacks are available but only a very few of them works good. For example- PinIt button of famous social sharing bar of JetPack by WordPress.COM is good for not nothing because whenever someone clicks it, it automatically grabs an image for pinning but sometimes we have more than 1 image and in that case we can do noting other than pinning our images manually. But never mind here are few cool Pinterest plugins, check them all and feel free to post your suggestion.

Pinterest Badge

A must have Pinterest plugin for WordPress sites. It adds a Pinterest badge that links your blog to your pinterest profile and shows number of followers.

recent pins pinterest


Easy Pinterest

Easily add recent Pinterest posts on your WordPress blog as widget.

pinterst, widget


Pinterest Block

Using this plugin you can easily block certain posts and pages from getting pinned on Pinterest.

block posts on pinterst

Per Post Block on pinterest

Pin It On Pinterest

It places a Pin It button at the end of your WordPress blog posts, and also it allows you to predetermine what gets “Pinned” at Pinterest.


pin it button under post
PinIt Button under your post

Pinterest Image Pin

Pinterest Image Pin plugin adds Pinterest button to individual images for pinning images one by one.

Pinterest Image Pin with vertical count
PinIt button and counter
PinIt Pinterest Sharing Buttons
PinIt buttons choice
Pinterest Badges
Also offers full range of Pinterest badges

Pinterest RSS Widget

Pinterest widget for displaying thumbnails and titles of latest Pinterest Pins from a specific user by using their Pinterest RSS feed.

Pinterest RSS Feed Widget

Pretty Pinterest Pins

Pretty Pinterest Pins plugin show off images, captions, and links from your latest Pinterest activity.

latest pinterest activities feed widget

Pinterest For Galleries

Adds a pin-it button on each image of every WordPress gallery. This way your readers can easily pin your picture.

Pinterest “Pin It” Button

It adds a Pinterest “Pin It” Button to your site and let your visitors easily pin your content.

pinit button images

Pinterest “Follow” Button

Widget plugin for adding Pinterest “Follow” button in your sidebar.

pinterest follow button

Pinterest Pinboard Widget

Pinterest Pinboard Widget plugin is a simple must-have widget for Pinterest pinners. It displays thumbnails of your latest Pinterest pins on your WordPress site.

pins from pinterest

Pinterest Image Pinner From Collective Bias

Automatically adds a Pin This button to all your WordPress post images.

Pinit on Image button

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