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How To Create Chat Rooms On WordPress Website?

Without connecting to any third-party service you can start fully hosted chatrooms on your WordPress Website for enabling chat for the users and guests.

This lesson will show you a really simple process of doing that in minutes. Simply log in to your WordPress site and navigate to Plugins -> Add New page to search and install Simple Ajax Chat – Add a Fast, Secure Chat Box plugin on your website.

Creating A Chat Room

Upon activation, navigate to your admin area dashboard Settings -> Simple Ajax Chat page and change the default name of the chat to anything you want.

Then choose your options such as whether you require login or want to enable chat for the guests too, enter banned phrases, etc. Now save your changes and scroll down to copy the shortcode.

Displaying A Chat Room

For displaying the chat room navigate to Pages -> Add New page and paste the shortcode you have just copied. Publish the page and your chat room is live. You may also add the chatroom page link to your website’s navigation menu from the admin area dashboard Appearance -> Menus page.

Alternatively, another awesome plugin called Chat Room is also there, but it has not been tested with the recent WordPress versions, although it still works. If you want, you may try that one also.

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