How To Auto Color Change WordPress Post Editor On Word Count?

A post with minimum of number 300 words is considered good for SEO than those which just have a little text and links in them. This tutorial is about an amazing WordPress plugin which allows you to set editor colors associated with number of words in them and then when a user starts typing the post content the color starts changing on the basis of number of words he has types or pasted in editor’s post content area. This way you can automatically know your post has reached that number of words.

For example, Suppose if you have written 80 words yet, the editor color would be light red color and when you cross the 150 words limit, it will auto change to some other color. After 300 words, it automatically changes to green or blue which means now you have crossed your set goal.

The main features of the plugin enables you to :

  • Also works on distraction free writing mode i.e. full screen editor
  • To set custom number of words and colors on settings panel
  • To add unlimited goals with different word count
  • Use easy color picker to choosing custom colors
  • Use animated Color Switcher

How To Change WordPress Editor Color On Word Count?

Install and activate Editor Color on Word Count plugin. After activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> Editor Colors page and set your custom colors and word count, save the changes and that’s it.

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Visit your add new post/page screen, start typing and you will be noticing automatic color change in your editor’s post content area.

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