Now WordPress Post Teaser Lets You Auto Generate Excerpts With Estimated Reading Time & Word Count

Tired of manually adding ‘more’ (<!–more–>) tag on each and every article you are posing in your website OR may be you just came to know about the importance of more tag and you have a thousands of articles left behind with no continue reading link.

Post Teaser, a free WordPress plugin that lets you automatically generate excerpts for post with estimated reading time and number of words & images.

Post Teaser 4

Start by installing and activating it in your website. The plugin immediate starts working upon activation. It starts showing you ‘continue reading’ link after each and every post showing up in your home page, category, tag and other archive pages.

You can customize ‘Post Teaser’

The plugin provides you various customizations. After activation visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Post Teaser page to choose your custom options.

Here, you can:

  1. Edit the post teaser messagePost Teaser 1
  2. Show read more link at the end of teased post (immediately following post text with no line-breaks)
  3. Show post statistics as block (original style teaser massage with paragraph break after post text)
  4. Show post statistic block before post (by default post statistic block appears after post)
  5. Omit post statistics for fullpost (suppress post statistic if fullpost is showned)Post Teaser 2

Advanced Options Allows You To:

  1. Control tease in homepage (allows disabling tease or force fullpost on homepage)
  2. Use filters to disable tease (prevent PostTeaser from processing matched post)
  3. Use filters to force fullpost (disable tease but process post for statistic)Post Teaser 3

Other than this, you ca also customize image count, word count and time display settings etc.

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