How To Display An Ordered List Of Subsites With Post Count In WordPress Multisite Network ?

YD WPMU Bloglist Widget provides you a sidebar widget and a template function for displaying list of subsites with posts count in main WordPress site of a multisite network.

Its list can be ordered by subsite name, post count, blog creation date or latest update, ascending or descending order. You can exclude the blogs from the list on the basis of various criteria or simply their by blog ID.

Widget & Shortcode

After activation you can simply start using its widget or you can include the list inside your blog pages and posts simply by using its shortcode [!YDWPMUBL]tag.

Theme Template Tag

If you feel easy digging inside you theme then It also allows you to include the blog listing in a template with the <?php yd_display_wpmu_bloglist() ?> function.

The list design is highly customizable allowing different settings when displayed as a widget on the home page and other blog pages, and when used inside templates. Learn more about using its parameters on its FAQs page.

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