How To Get Short URLs From WordPress ‘Get Shortlink’ Button?

WordPress provides you a ‘Get Shortlink‘ button on post edit screens which generates a shorted URL of the page. A WordPress short URL contains your domain name suffixed with some numeric value. Where as Jetpack plugin enabled websites generates shortlinks with address. In this tutorial we will show you how to use Google URL Shortner service for creating short URLs with WordPress ‘Get Shortlink’ button.

How To Make WordPress ‘Get Shortlink’ Button Use Service?

Google has launched a URL Shortener API ( which is one of the fastest and most reliable URL shortners on world wide web. WordPress site owners can easily use this API key simply by installing and activating Plugin.

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After activation the plugin allows you generate short URLs for your posts which then could be retrieved using the default WordPress “Get Shortlink” button (visible in your post edit screens) or from the wp_get_shortlink() function.

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