How To Count Individual Post Profit In WordPress?

If you are running a professional weblog or if you pay your authors for page views of if you write about your own products and you want to know what posts are performing better then here a good solution for you. You can now automatically get calculated amount on per post view and you can know the totals by date.

Post Profit Stats is a wonderful WordPress plugin that enables you to watch the total number of post views on per author basis with all detailed totals and grand totals. You can sort it by date, see your stats from browser and other devices, if you use Co-Authors Plus plugin then you can assign and track multiple authors per post.

To start up the plugin install and activate it then add the amount per view which you are paying your authors and you’re done. The plugin will now calculate the total number of post views and then it will multiply that by the amount you have entered. The plugin comes both in free and premium versions, its free version includes follow features:

  1. You can track up to 10 Authors.
  2. ONLY allows you to set ONE amount of money for ALL Authors per view.
  3. If you are logged in and viewing your posts they will not be counted. Only if you are logged out. (Authors proof-reading their posts don’t get counted)
  4. Change the Sales Figures & Total Sales colors.
  5. Author’s can login to view their details stats.
  6. Views get counted even with caching plugins. That’s right it will work!
  7. The information is recorded to your database.

Where as the pro will provide more addon features like the tracking goes to UNLIMTED authors. You can then set an amount of money paid for every author per view. The name ‘Post Profit Stats’ in the menu and main page header can be changed to your website’s or company name. The logo is removed from the footer of this plugin pages.

After activation the plugin adds a new admin menu with following pages:

Post Profit Stats -> Authors Total Stats: This is where you will be able to view the total stats about your Authors and the Grand Totals, make changes to the settings and read more about setting this plugin up.

Post Profit Stats -> Author Detail Stats: You can view an authors detailed stats here. If you click on an authors name on the previous page it will automatically load this page so you don’t have to enter a specific ID to view the detailed stats.

Post Profit Stats -> Help/System Info: Here you can find more help and info. If you would like to post on our forum about a particular problem please make sure to copy the info about your system info.

Post Profit Stats -> Restart TourAfter activation the plugin offers you a tour. From this page you can restart the plugin tour manually to know about this plugin’s admin pages.

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