How To Display Full Header Google+ Badge And Other Social Network Widgets In WordPress?

Social Media Buttons & Widgets is the brand new social profile display widgets pack for WordPress. The plugin provides you a pack of Faceboook, Twitter, Google+ and social links widgets and after post sharing buttons. The social sharing buttons include sharing links for Facebook Like, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest. Whereas the widgets pack include Social Media Links Widget, Facebook Like Box Widget, Twitter Feed Widget and a very beautiful Google+ Badge with follow bubble link.

How To Use Social Media Buttons & Widgets Pack In WordPress?

Install and activate Social Media Buttons & Widgets plugin. After activation you can manually enable its social sharing and Facebook Like buttons from Dashboard -> Settings -> SM buttons & Widget page. Simply tick ‘Display Button’ checkbox and select styles for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest. Save the changes and that’s it.

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For using its widget visit Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets page and drag its widget to your sidebar. It provides you three separate widgets for displaying your Facebook like box, Google Plus Badge, Twitter Feed and one widget for showing links to your social profiles.

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