How To Use Custom Color For Each Post Title In WordPress?

You can use a custom title color on each and every post of your WordPress website. Earlier we have discussed about overriding default title color of WordPress posts and custom post types sitewide. Now this lesson is about doing same thing but on per post basis.

Colorful Post is the new WordPress plugin that adds a color picker on WordPress visual editor. Using this color picker you can easily select a custom color for your post title. It also provides you option to reset all post title colors to your theme’s default.

Start by installing ‘Colorful Post’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard Posts -> Add New screen or open any post or post type to edit.

Custom Post Title Color 1

On post edit screen, you will be noticing the a new color picker option after post title field. Select the color for your post title and Publish/Update changes to reflect it on the frontend of your website.

Custom Post Title Color 2

In-case you like reverting all post title colors to WordPress default, visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Colorful Post and click ‘Reset all post title color to default’. This will reset all your post title colors settings to default state. The operation is irreversible.

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