How To Become A Professional Blogger (Step-by-Step Guide)?

Professional blogging can produce a great deal of profit. You may opt blogging as bankable career option and start earning from your place.

There are various lessons across Internet that tries to explain you how to become a professional blogger, but they don’t tell you the steps.

They ask you to choose your niche, promote content on social media, write useful content others are searching for, do SEO (search engine optimization), email marketing etc. These are important points but they simply misses the most important point i.e. where to start from.

In this lesson you will learn where to start from and how to become a professional in the world of blogging.

STEP-1 Register a Domain Name for your blog

This is the first and most important step as there are various free services that offers you free blog but professional blogging starts on your own domain name.

Registering a domain name is easy, you may register your domain from the system at

As is the only system on Internet that provides you all important blogging and marketing tools at one place. Starting from Domain Name to Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server, SEO, Search Engine Visibility and Email Marketing etc, system has everything.

STEP-2 Choose a Hosting Option

Purchase a Hosting Plan / Managed WordPress (or go for VPS / Dedicated Server if you can afford)

Managed WordPress is the easiest way of starting a blog. All you got do is purchase it and all configurations will be set automatically by the system, giving you a live website where you may starting writing content.

Or you may go for a web-hosting option or VPS or Dedicated Server (if you can afford) and use one click WordPress installer. A Dedicated Server works best and you won’t be needing to migrate to a better option in your successful future.

STEP-3 Start Writing Content

Choose a niche and start creating meaningful and useful content. Don’t copy-paste from other websites instead use you own unique ideas.

You may take help from other websites but don’t steal other’s content if you want to become a successful professional blogger.

You may also take help from our WordPress Beginners Guide to learn about writing new posts and creating new pages etc in WordPress.

STEP-4 SEO Optimize Your Blog

Instead of doing SEO efforts, focus on writing useful content and Google will do the rest, this is what Google actually suggests you.

For automatic submission to search engines and getting visible on search results, you may go for Search Engine Visibility that automatically SEO optimizes your blog and promotes your content on Google®, Yahoo!®, Bing® and other 100+ leading search engines to increase traffic and get more income for you.

STEP-5 Keep Consistency, Patience and Persistence

Better develop a rhythm of writing articles, love what you do and be regular in posting new and useful articles.

Professional Blogging takes time so have patience and persistence in creating good quality content.

One trick of creating better quality content is first search about the topic you are willing to write about, open and read first three results on Google search page and then try writing better than that and add your own unique ideas.

STEP-6 Start Email Marketing

As already said, system at provides you all important tools at one place. Go for Express Email Marketing as that provides you then most cost-effective way to connect with new people and prospects.

In easy words, email marketing allows you to collect email subscribers, email them about your new posts and content, make announcements on top social networks i.e. social media marketing, track results and collect important feedback easily, in a user-friendly way.

STEP-7 Monetize Your Blog

Now monetize your blog with Google Adsense. It is a free, easy way to earn money by displaying targeted ads inside your content. With AdSense, you can show relevant and engaging ads on your website to your visitors and even customize the look and feel of ads to match them with your website’s theme.

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