Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Not Register Free-Hosted Blogs & Websites

Before starting a blog first thing you need to do is decide what blogging platform you will be using, free blog hostings like Blogger.Com, Tumblr.Com etc or self-hosted blogging platforms like WordPress. Generally people start blogging with free-hosted blogs but they are not actually free. Yes, they don’t charge you a penny but they takes away all your freedom and keeps control in their hand.

There are vast number of blogging networks where you can easily create new free-hosted blogs but they have their own limitations like:

#1 You don’t get own DOMAIN address, instead you get a sub domain. Sub-domains makes your web address long and hard to remember, you cannot subscribe to Google Adsence if you don’t own a domain name until and unless you are running your blog on Blogger. But Blogger has other big limitations like you cannot monetize it, for monetization you can only use Adsense.

#2 You are not the real owner of your blog, If you are hosting your blog on some other website, you are not the real “owner” of content you have created spending lot of energy and time. If in-case moderators decide that your blog does not fit their TOCs (which can happen quite often), they can delete it without any prior email, warnings and all your hard work will be vanished within no time.

#3 They lacks styles, layouts, plugins and features, If you are running a free-hosted blog, you cannot install any new theme or app of your choice.  There are millions of free plugins, apps and themes freely available only for self-hosted sites but you cannot use them on any free hostings where someone else is the master. You cannot make your website look the way you want. On other hand self-hosted blogs have no limitation of features, templates, apps and all good plugins are free of cost.

So How To Easily Start A Self-hosted Blog In Minutes?

There are many ways but right now you are on the system of so no need to go anywhere else. Just follow the steps:

  1. Create your FREE account here.
  2. Register your DOMAIN name here.
  3. Subscribe to any WordPress Hosting plan Here, AND…

… As soon you subscribe to our hosting plan, the system of will automatically guide & direct you to set-up your WordPress installation in a step-by-step process.

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