Creating Celebrity Website

Quickly & Easily Setup A Professional Celebrity Website With Integrated Blogging

If you are a celebrity, may be musician, film maker, model, actor or whatever you can very easily set up your own celebrity blog in less than $23 without any trouble or need or any social media ninza, webmaster or website designing agency etc.

Step-1 Register your domain name

Blogs can created on free & subdomains but regitering your own domain builds your credibility on world wide web because your domain is your actual web address.

Domain names supports your business, builds your brand and assist you in creating a dynamic online presence. It establishes your online identity and boosts marketing and communication opportunities.

If you are celebrity then it becomes really important for you to register multiple domain names to save your identity in new world from unsavory groups. That will drive more traffic, promote you, increases opportunities for getting listed in popular search engines like Google and capture common misspellings of your domain name as that sends your visitors to some error page.

How to register a domain name?

First thing you need to do is visit our domain registration page here and checking your domain name availability:

  1. In the Domain Name Search field, type the domain name you want to register (For Ex:
  2. Now select the domain name extension from the list
  3. Click GO.

Now follow the on screen instructions and complete checkout process.

If the domain you requested is already registered by someone then it will provide available alternatives. For example, you might be able to select a .info or .ws domain extension, rather than .com. Or you could also register instead of (Learn more)

OR In-case you already own a domain then you may transfer your domain name here for better management because this is the only place where programmers, web developers, celebrities, social media ninzas work together. For example: There are many websites that provides you web hosting, domain weblogs etc but there are no websites that are specific in helping you in your subject like you cannot ask a web hosting support center to help you in setting up a celebrity blog. They can only give you support for installing a basic weblog. (Learn more about domain transfer)

Step-2 Subscribe To A WebHosting Plan & Install WordPress

How to purchase a webhosting plan?

Get a normal hosting plan or subscribe to special WordPress hosting plan

What the heck is WordPress, anyway? WordPress is a Web-publishing platform, by default WordPress is a Weblog with speed, ease of use and one of the best user experiences available. But with WordPress, you can create any kind of website, starting from simple 1-2-3 pages websites to fully fleshed eCommerce shopping cart & online stores etc.

It will not show you any limitations, For example: If you are running your celebrity blog on WordPress and after sometime you made up your mind for staring an online store for your brand products like T-Shirt with your name printed on them etc then in that case all you will be needing to do is install a WordPress plugin for online store and in just a click you will be getting features to start a store, add your products, payments features etc without spending a penny. It gives you complete freedom and everything happens very easily, its as simple as using a TV remote. The sky is the limit with WordPress.

How to install WordPress on your hosting account?

Now you have purchased both domain & hosting plan and that’s all what you need for starting any kind of website. Now lets start us with installing WordPress in your hosting account:

  1. Log in to your Account Manager.
  2. Click Web Hosting.
  3. Next to the hosting account you want to use, click Launch.
  4. From the Popular Apps section, click WordPress.
  5. Complete the required fields visible on your screen, then click OK:
    • Domain — Select the domain on your account you want to use.
    • Directory — Enter the directory after the domain name where you want to install WordPress. If you want the domain name itself to use WordPress, the directory field should only have “/” entered.
    • Enter a Username, a Password (and its confirmation), and an Email Address.

WordPress will be automatically installed to your hosting account, yes no coding and configuration setup is required. Here it auto-installs with options you have selected. When our service completes up installing WordPress, you will receive a confirmation email.

WordPress is installed? Now its time to take a look to our Getting Started with WordPress Guide.

Any further problems? Checkout our Troubleshooting Common Issues in WordPress.

Step-3 Makeup WordPress To A Professional Celebrity Blog

WordPress is installed and setup on your hosting account. Now you may get in touch with our programmers via system @ and tell your expectations regarding our weblog and they’ll setup your blog in minutes without any additional costs. Sky is the limit.

And then you may access your website via your domain name and start blogging about daily events of your life, just like you do in Twitter & Facebook; quickly, easily and in a stylish way.

What our programmers will add to your website is:

They add all those features you think about in your dreams and including all those features present in most worldclass celebrity websites.

Creating Celebrity Website

Some important features we’ll enable are:

Posts By Email: Enable posts by email or Twitter etc

Social Connection: Connect your website to popular social networks

Apple Notifications: Enable Mobile Push notifications so that you can receive notifications on your Apple device.

Cool Responsive Theme: Enable responsive theme so that your website can go beautiful visible on all screen sizes

Searh Engine Distribution: Enable auto distribution for share your new posts and comments to Google & other search engines in real-time so that you can get more organic traffic

Cool Mobile, Android, Tablet Theme: Add a beautiful Mobile theme that automatically optimize your site for mobile & tablet devices

Autosharing On Your Social Pages: Your content & new posts will get automatically shared with your friends.

Powerful Commenting System: We will create a new comment system with integrated social media login options.

Blog Subscriptions: Enable subscriptions to allow your fans to subscribe to your future posts and announcements via email notification.

Beautiful Photo Galleries: Enable beautiful photo galleries into an immersive full-screen or slideshow options so that you can share your photos in a beautiful way

Contact Forms: So that others can contact you directly from your website.

Fans Network: Integrated private networking feature for your fans.

Small Online store: So that you can sell products directly from your blog just like Britney Spears and Fergie’s in-site store.

oEmbed For Videos & Images: So that you can embed your or any YouTube, Vimeo etc videos simply by pasting their URLs in your blog posts or pages.

And other useful features like cool wallpapaers and backgrounds, headers etc of your images, online protection, videos and sound files uploader, backup tools and more including all what you want. Sky is the limit.

So what you are waiting for visit, register a domain and bring yourself, your blog online.

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