Backup Each WordPress Post Automatically To Email As Soon It Gets Published

There are many different ways of backing up WordPress like you can use backup plugins, your can do it from cPanel by manually downloading your content directory, config file and exporting database tables etc. But it is not possible to run backup wizard everytime you publish a new blog post, especially if you are having a lot of content to backup.

Suppose you/your service takes backup weekly and in-case your website gets hacked, attacked by malware etc then in that case you will be loosing all those posts published in between the two backups.

This tutorial is on a new WordPress plugin called New Post Automatic XML Backup by Email. This simple WordPress plugin automatically sends backup of the post content as soon the post is published

Backup is mailed in XML export file which can be imported and used from Dashboard -> Tools -> Import admin page. The backup file is automatically emailed to the admin’s email address as soon any new post is published.

Installation & Usage: Simply install and activate the plugin. That’s all, you are done.

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