Automatically Send Google Plus Posts To WordPress As Your New Blog Posts

Sharing anything on Google Plus is fast, most sites offer Google Plus Share with +1 button so using this trick you can share each and everything you like on internet very easily and more quickly by using Google Plus as a bloging medium to your WordPress site ;-) Following few simple steps you can easily start your blogging from Google Plus by sending your Google Plus posts to your WordPress blog as new blog posts.


First of all you need to generate your Google Plus Profile (or Page) RSS feed. This you can do by reading this tutorial – Generate Google Plus RSS Feeds For Individual Profiles And Pages.


After creating Google Plus RSS feed install FeedWordPress plugin in your WordPress site. After activation a new Syndication section appears on your dashboard’s sidebar. Click it.


Paste your Google Plus RSS feed in New Source text box and click Add button as shown in the following image:


Feed information will appear. Click Use this feed button.


Its shows a notification (your feed has been added) followed by Configure Settings button that allows you to choose syndicated feed post author, permalink, tags, categories etc. You may set tags to get automatically get created, update to automatic or manual and few more options are there.

Click Update Now button and check your blog for new syndicated Google Plus posts

Example: A Syndicated Google Plus Post In WordPress Blog

Note: Syndicated hashtags points to Google Plus hashtag.

You may use this plugin for syndicating other RSS feeds as your WordPress blog posts.

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