How To Integrate Google Calender In Your WordPress Site ?

You can easily integrate Google Calender in your WordPress website and displays events as calendar grid or list on a blog post, page, or widget an you can keep everything automatically synced with Google Calender.

Install and activate Google Calendar Events in your WordPress site, then visit its options page present in your dashboard’s settings menu and configure the settings. Some of its important features are:

  1. It displays events as a list or within a calendar grid
  2. It parses Google Calendar feeds for extracting all events
  3. Calendar grids can have the ability to change the month displayed
  4. Allows complete customisation options of the event information displayed
  5. You can show events from multiple Google Calendar feeds in a single list or grid
  6. You can display lists and grids inside your blog posts, pages or by using a simple widget
  7. It provides you options to change number of events retrieved, date-time format, cache duration etc

Read detailed installation and usage guide on plugin’s site.

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