Complete Employee & User Time Tracker For WordPress Site Owners

HRM Work Tracking is the brand new time tracker plugin for WordPress site owners. The plugin is very useful for multi user WordPres sites so if have kept several employees who for you in your WordPres site or if you have developers who work in developing and maintaining your website plugins; anyway have to log into your WordPress install as they work with them. Using this new plugin you can easily keep time recording of their working hours. The plugin is a complete time tracker for your website, the working time recorder also works for general WordPress users and members that are classified only as a Subscriber.

Everyone in HR Department can change employee profiles and set desired hours of employees even if this WordPress is user not an admin. The plugin is currently available in German, English and Polish but developer are still developing it so files will be supplied to transfer to other languages also.

Time Tracker

Simply install and activate the plugin, after activation you will need once to log out and log in back then visit admin area users menu and you will be seeing new admin pages of plugin are added to it. More installation details, working, security and other features of the plugin are mentioned in the plugin’s page on WordPress.Org.

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  1. Hi thank you for this post This very nice software plugins are very useful now we can track time of your employee in word press too thank you for this information

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