Automatically Import Google News To WordPress As Individual Blog Posts

You can automatically import Google News to your WordPress blog and create individual blog post for each Google imported news feed.

Using Papa Rss Import plugin you can easily import Google News to your WordPress blog as individual blog posts. You can set it in automation or do manual updates. News posts appear as normal WordPress blog posts with category, tags, comments and other post features.

Step-1 Install and activate the plugin

WordPress Google Import

Step-2 Visit Dashboard -> Papa RSS -> Import News

WordPress Google Import

Step-3 Click Import button. Then select automatic or manual updates from the drop down menu.

That’s all. visit your blog posts page and read latest news posts imported to your blog. Automatic updates runs after every one hour, if you have selected manual updates then you will be needing to run it from Dashboard-> Papa RSS -> Import News page by clicking the ‘Import Manual’ button.

Following screenshot shows a Google News feed imported as WordPress Blog post:

Google Import News As WordPress Post

Other than import feature, this plugin also provides you with AdSense Shortcode which you can use for displaying adds manually by using this [adsense] shortcode in your posts, pages or text widgets.

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