How To Create Anonymous Confession Pages On Facebook, Google+ And Twitter Etc ?

We got few emails from our readers to post a tutorial on creating a Facebook confession page. Confession Pages are becoming very popular on Social Media websites specially on Facebook. Earlier students uses blackboards and benches for making confessions and when caught they are charged with huge amount of fines but now a days most of schools and colleges have a confession page administered by any of their student and the best thing about these confession pages is that even the page admin does’t knows the identity of the person who is confessing anything.

Confession PagesHow A Confession Page Works ?

All confession pages provides you a link which when clicked directs you to a page showing a text area and submit button. Netizens simply write their confession and click submit button without any login and sign-up and in this way even the page admin doesn’t know your real identity. Now these confessions are posted on the Facebook (or any other) Page by administrators.

How To Create A Confession Page ?

First of all create a simple Facebook Page, Twitter or Google+ Community Page and then follow the given steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Click Create button and select Forms option
  3. Now enter the form title, text box type and other options if required.
  4. Now click on “Add Item” then select “Paragraph Text” Customize the blank fields.
  5. Save everything and click “View Live Form”
  6. Copy the URL. This is your form URL, you may shorten it via and paste it in about section of your Facebook Page.
  7. Click Choose Response Destination and select New Spreadsheet. Name it and save changes
  8. Now all responses will get automatically recorded in this spreadsheet in your Google Drive(Docs). You simply have to copy and page paste the confessions in your FB, Twitter or Google+ Confession Page.

There are plenty of more option like you can choose a custom form layout and theme etc

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