How To View YouTube Analytics From WordPress Dasboard?

YouTube provides channel owners with analytics, stats and lets you monitor the performance of your channel, how your videos are performing, it gives you up-to-date metrics, reports and earnings data. The reports contains data for views, number of minutes watched, traffic sources, demographics and more.

In general people accesses YouTube Analytics through page.

In this tutorial we will show you a way to pull your YouTube channel analytics to your WordPress site’s admin area dashboard.

YouTube Analytics Dashboard is a free WordPress plugin to bring statistics from your YouTube account and view them directly inside your WordPress administration area (dashboard). It provides you all important data like you can see the number of times a video is viewed, number of watched minutes, average time spend on a video, likes, dislikes, number of comments made and more features.

How To View YouTube Analytics In WordPress Dasboard?

All your data is collected in a fast and secure way, it uses uses OAuth2 protocol and YouTube Analytics API.

How To Use YouTube Analytics Dashboard?

Install and activate YouTube Analytics Dashboard plugin and follow the given steps:

  1. Visit Dashboard -> Home, scroll to YouTube analytics widget and click ‘Get Access Code’ link and sign-in with your Google account (which associated to your YouTube channel).
  2. Allow access, copy the generated token code and paste it in your YouTube’s dashboard widget (Dashboard -> Home)
  3. Click ‘Save Access Code’ button.
  4. That’s it, the widget will start displaying your YouTube account’s analytics.

Default analytics theme is red, you can change to light theme from  your admin area dashboard Settings -> YT Dashboard page. Other options allows you to display additional stats like engagement and annotations performance etc.


  • Simple and secure authorization process
  • Cache feature improves the loading speeds
  • Two themes: Red Theme and Light Theme
  • Access YouTube Analytics in a simple dashboard widget
  • Access level settings, choose who can view your YouTube stats
  • Option to display Favorites Added, Favorites Removed, Subscribers Gained, Subscribers Lost, Shares, Annotation Click ThroughRate, Annotation Close Rate in a table

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